I just bravely rescued a tiny bug from my wine glass.
Now it's flying around my head being extra annoying.
Don't you know i just saved you from drowning in alcohol, bug?
I guess maybe it is drunk?

Last weekend I spent 5 hours baking a birthday cake & cupcakes.
and i only had ONE glass of wine.

Our dear friend was having a fabulous 50th birthday celebration and such an event can only call for he fanciest of birthday cakes, one with a barbie exploding out of it, naturally.

I cant even begin to explain the disaster that was my kitchen when this thing was done. my kitchen is not small, but every surface was COVERED in cake, frosting, eggs, meat thermometers, sprinkles, deedle balls, etc. I was also covered in frosting, egg, and deedle balls.

The cake was a hit and inspired a lovely rendition of happy birthday, and our house keeper came to clean the next day, making it all well worth it.

And yes it is on a pizza pan, it was too large for anything I have in the house, so I sent the boyfriend to the store and this is what he came back with, worked perfectly with a ring of cupcakes though.

Party Shots

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