This past weekend was our first in MONTHS to ourselves. We had zero obligations, parties, guests, or plans. (Even though we tried to make ourselves crazy trying to make weekend getaway plans at the last second. We are learning...) It was so wonderful to have the time for luxurious napping, reading and lounging, and we were still motivated to scooter around town to try a new lunch spot, The counter which has amazing GIANT burgers that you build step by step (blue cheese, sprouts, and avocado, on a gluten free bun + chili cheese fries). We saw Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter at the Academy, which was better than expected and a very fun way to spend the afternoon. Ate our favorite fajitas with some of our favorite friends at Don Antonios, and did about 5 kajillion loads of laundry (Gus helped).

We also woke up at 3 in the afternoon on Saturday.
But then we had a beautiful hike in Malibu, so we made up for it.

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