busybusybusy dead computer

very quickly,

I am unable to write frequently because

a. I poured an entire glass of chardonnay into my laptop, and it has not fully recovered. Need to make a trip to the apple store asap.

b. I found a job!

so my life is busy again, at least for the moment.

Anyway, My fast story is that about 1 month ago I picked out a very special collar for Gus. Black with rainbow colored polka dots on it. It makes him look SO friendly! I am pretty sure that he loved it, despite the off color comments about his tough-ness or sexuality. It is just too cute.

anyway. the collar went missing this week.
there are only a few logical places that it could possibly be, and it isn't in ANY of those spots. We have been searching the house top to bottom, with no results.

It occurred to me today that perhaps Gus' DIDN'T love his special collar and has hidden it himself. I am starting to think that my fashion choices have embarrassed my dog child.

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