full domestic

Yesterday I left my special bagel breakfast on the coffee table for 5 minutes.

when I got back the dog was eating my special bagel.

out of nowhere I found myself shouting "wait until your father gets home!" -at the dog

I am domestic.

ps. Udi's gluten free bagels are worth selling your first born for.. and dogs like them too.


  1. Hi Becky! Thanks for the compliment about our bagels and so glad to hear your dog is enjoying them too. Don't worry...we won't make anyone sell their first born to eat them. ;)

    Have you tried our muffins or cookies yet? They're also well worth the nibble.

  2. ha! Thanks Wendy :)

    I have not tried muffins or cookies yet but I love muffins AND cookies so I better start looking around for them. Thanks for making delicious snacks!