Heading West x2

Greetings! No, living in New Jersey has not completely robbed me of any social / communicative skills.. I've just been busy with work and travel and all sorts of new adventures and exciting things. I am still on my path to ultimate domesticity, which has included cooking, decorating my charming apartment, and hosting one semi-successful housewarming and one very successful brunch at home complete with SEVERAL baked dishes and floral arrangements.

and now.. preparing for my big move BACK to LA.
after almost 5 years in NYC I am ready to bid it farewell and move on with my life as a tougher, smarter, and more fashion conscious city dweller. I am 100% ready to give up smelly summers and snow drifts for the beach and smiling.

There will be no going back this time, New York and i are breaking up.

xo ciao nyc

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