I am fully moved back to LA

This move has been such a cleanse in every sense. I donated, sold, or threw away 6 years of accumulated city life things and UPS'ed 8 boxes to Venice. that plus 2 suitcases and 1 hula hoop was my entire move. Sorting through all of your possessions and keeping only the things that you love can be very rewarding. Now i know that all of the things that I own are things i need or treasure. I literally have nothing that isn't necessary or important to me.

When I decided to make this move I did it quickly and without hesitation- There were factors that pushed me to make my decision and act on it quickly, but I didn't realize that I was internally forcing myself away as well.

Sometimes we make decisions based on things that we need whether we know it or not.

I needed to escape New York
I needed peace and happiness
and sunshine

I left my stress there and now I am building myself again.

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