I have finally found an apartment.
In this apartment there are no empty beer bottles lining the counters
no pool table
no knife throwing contests
no drunken singing on wednesday nights
no beard clippings
in other words, Heaven.

I have also acquired a roommate, a GIRL who appreciates all things feminine, and clean.

We move in May 1, to our charming 3 bedroom, (one of those rooms will be converted into a massive walk in closet.. yippee)

I  cannot wait to share photos of this place with you, because it is SO becky.

For now, this is the outside of my building..

The green awnings are a MEXICAN restaurant! (could this get any more perfect, really?)

The yellow star is the restaurant's door, the pink star is my door.. so as you can see I can go to the mexican restaurant without even having to leave the porch.. its practically part of the building.
um, hello margaritas.

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  1. this is SUPER cute! I think it's truly meant to be above a mexican restaurant. MmMmM! I cannot wait to visit!