Chocolaty Peppermint Bark

Holiday baking is one of my favorite things.. when I was a little my job was to unwrap all of the Hershey's kisses. Then, as I got a little bit older I became an obsessive compulsive cookie decorating perfectionist. Now, as an adult, all of the jobs are mine, (even washing the dishes, ugh) but I get to choose what treats to make and when.. baking in my underwear at midnight is perfectly acceptable in MY apartment.

This year I am flying home (tomorrow!) for a full week, and I can't wait. I am going to spend my days sleeping in, eating Christmas cookies, drinking home made wine, and spending time with friends and family from all over the country. 

Since I am traveling, I wanted to make something that would be easy to transport and small enough that it didn't take up much space in my luggage (shoes trump baked goods) I also needed something that was easy enough that I could make several batches in one night, since I am also sending some along with my boyfriend for his family, AND need a treat for my mini- holiday office luncheon. 

Things to consider while choosing a treat for the office.
1. I better REALLY like it because I usually can't eat too many of the other treats since I am the only GF kid.
2. it needs to have a LOT of chocolate.. I work with almost all girls after all.

I had never made peppermint bark before, and it seemed easy enough so I decided to make that my festive holiday snack.

Step No.1 Pour a festive cocktail- I made Jack & Gingers [ 1 shot of Jack Daniels mixed with ½ can of ginger ale, and for me, a splash of lemon ] why this is festive to me, I'm not sure.

I used
1 full large bag of nestles white chocolate morsels (about 2 lbs)
1 full large bag of nestles semi-sweet chocolate morsels (about 2 lbs)
1 tbs peppermint extract
1 lb crushed peppermint candies

Start by putting peppermint candies (or candy canes) into a food processor until they are crushed, I like to have a few chunks left for crunch.

Cover the back side of a cookie sheet with tin foil

Melt the semi-sweet chocolate over a double boiler on LOW heat, continuously mixing, until they are all melted.

Add ½ tbs peppermint extract and mix in.

ad ½ cup of crushed peppermint candies, and mix in.

pour (or ladle) the melted chocolate onto the foil covered cookie sheet, smoothing as you go to make a smooth, flat, chocolate base.

put the pan into the freezer to chill.

Follow the same steps to melt the white chocolate, adding in the extract and peppermint candies as well. Be VERY careful while melting the white chocolate, it burns VERY easily.. keep stirring!

Add the second, white chocolate, layer on to the chocolate base, smoothing as you go.

back into the freezer!

I added a third layer, but you can only do two if you prefer.

once you have added your top layer, sprinkle with peppermint chunks and freeze until completely solid (about 30 minutes)

Cut or break into pieces, and enjoy!

I didn't let my layers chill completely (i am impatient) So mine was a bit messy.. but it still tastes great.. looks aren't everything ;)

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  1. I've got foodie envy over the fact that you have a food processor. That is on my wants list & has been forever. :)