a secret garden

went home to Ohio a few weekends ago to visit my family and attend a very good friend's wedding.

Our trip home was longer than usual, boyfriend picked me up from work at noon and we hit the road straight from there. Part of picking me up included loading all of my work 'collection' from last season into the car as well.. a dress form, some giant picture frames, and a stepping stool.. plus my luggage and his luggage.. the car was packed before we even left Manhattan.. so much for bringing stuff back from home.

The drive was LONG. for whatever reason there is ALWAYS construction on I-80. As long as I have been making this drive between nyc and ohio (5 years) there has ALWAYS been construction. Sometimes this makes traffic bad and sometimes not. On this particular drive it was 2 extra hours worth of bad. which was just awful for my boyfriend.
i slept the whole way.
until the last hour, when he was losing his mind and needed company and for a pitt stop, where I introduced him to Sheetz. I promised him the best fast-food ever.. unfortunately his sandwich was lackluster. dangit, i hate it when I am excited about something and it ends up being a flop. (ahem, IKEA)

The time we spent at home was relaxing and a perfect mini-vacation away from the city. There was a lot of running around and visiting and lots of EATING.. but we were able to spare an afternoon to run away with my mom and brother to visit Quail Hollow. It's been awhile since I have seen such lovely nature.. and it was breathtaking.

I have to say.. coming back to New York was a bit tough this time. I love my city but we sure don't have any pretty flowers growing around here.

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