Becky's invented nyc/southwestern healthy veggie chicken salad-thingie.

So I am sort of "dieting" although I hate using that word. I am just making an effort to eat healthier. Working in the city long day after long day makes eating simple foods and grabbing things on the go much easier than coming home and cooking every night. So my life is going to have more vegetables in it, and last night I got started.

I researched some veggie dishes with tomatoes. I just got home from Ohio and Mom gave me a whole bag full of fresh red tomatoes from her garden. It's been awhile since I have seen such a red ripe tomato. I found a few recipes for south western style salads and decided to go with it. Using bits and pieces from different recipes and my own imagination, I combines corn, black beans, LOTS of tomatoes, cilantro and lime juice. Then I began something I swear I would never do. I prepared and cooked... CHICKEN.

I hate hate hate raw meat. especially raw bird meat. it is so... icky. but i wanted a challenge and I wanted chicken in my salad! and I am a grown woman for heavens sake, I can handle a chicken breast. So, I prepared a marinade with olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper and mexican chili powder and let the gross chicken parts sit in that for awhile before I cooked it. It wasn't bad! It wasn't pink, It wasn't tough or dry, and I didn't die of salmonella.

So, chicken and veggie salad, fresh deliciousness. And if i get sick of it, I will put it in a taco!

The enemy.

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