This is me, love it or leave it.

The life and times of a modern girl, who is desperately trying to perfect the art of the domesticated woman. I attempt this feat as a blank canvas, I cannot cook, and although I like to bake, I am gluten free, AND just discovered that the oven in my new (and first) apartment is broken.

I am jumping in feet first, with hopes expanding my repertoire from party girl and fashion addict. I want to learn how to prepare fancy meals, host dinner parties, furnish and decorate my apartment, and to hopefully entertain my family and friends as I document it.

I am: A NYC graphic designer & fashionista by way of LA by way of Mexico by way of Ohio. I love art, music, and fashion. I love mimosas in the mornings and margaritas at lunch. I like to dance on tables and leave piles of discarded outfits on my floor for weeks. I am a master costume designer, and I have the most fabulous boyfriend & friends in the entire land.

I am not a good cook.

I almost never clean.

I do not have a sofa but I do have a box collection.

These things need to change.

Join me on this wild adventure of growing up & getting it together.

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