Home sweet apartment

This is where I am at in my life..
an adorably (tiny) new york apartment.. with barely any furniture, but plenty of closet space.

It is the first place I am able to call my own after many moves and many cities.

I love it.

I want to spend 1 million dollars decorating it.

I can't.

Kitchen! its about 4 feet across, making it the smallest kitchen ever? perfect for someone who doesn't do much cooking.. we will see how it works out for someone who is trying to do a lot more cooking. (I am missing a few unimportant items.. like a garbage pail. There are no cute garbage pails.. I am on a mission to find one. This may mean I never get a garbage pail.)

My boss had the fantastic idea of photographing the apartment daily to see it's progression.. I just hope it progresses.
Ikea table & chairs. The table is literally 3 x 3 feet give or take, perfect for two, not perfect for a dinner party. hmmph.

My Box collection! The pride and joy of my new place. Breaking it down one box at a time, it's becoming more and more of an art piece.

My bedroom is covered in clothing and my bathroom is pink.

such is the life of a new yorker.

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