I was home alone this weekend which led to watching lots of Kardashians with Gus (what can I say, he LOVES those girls) and somehow ended up watching Friends on Nick-at-night for the first time in probably 5 years. It made me realize that I need to watch the entire series again, because unlike the first time i was watching it in 1997, I can now completely relate to it. As in.. I am fairly sure some of this show is based on my life in New York. 

I loved becoming an adult in New York, but it is such a unique place to grow, and live on your own for the first time. It is so cheesy but anytime I run into post- New Yorkers here in LA, it never fails to come up in conversation "once you live in New York..." and it is true. once you live there, you can make it anywhere. (Talk about a great way to set up expectations for the rest of your life, everything was easy after 25!)

I moved to Los Angeles one year ago as of tomorrow. I spent one last September 11 in NYC, and visited the still in-progress new tower, and sent all of my positive wishes for New York into the universe. 

I Love You NY,

Thank you for making me who I am and for being so wonderful.

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