While my Mom was in town we went hiking at Charmlee Wilderness Park which is one of my favorite hikes. You can't beat the ocean view on a clear day. We were glad not to have Gus along on this adventure, because a super confidant coyote kept crossing our path. His lady was hiding nearby, but must have been feeling shy because we only saw her briefly. I love being reminded of just how close the wilderness is here.

I'm not sure if it was the haze or if it was just because my camera lens was dirty or something, but all of my photos had a soft blurry ghost effect. It made everything look dreamy and magical.

[beautiful view of Malibu]


[purple dream flowers]
More photos after the jump.

[stairs to a home that has been gone for years]



[glowing pod plant]

[Charmlee 1953]

[sweet message]


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