This, as you know, is my dog-child Gus.

He is the love of our lives. I could never imagine a sweeter more cuddly loving dog. He can't always (never) catch a ball, and he often smells bad, but he has the biggest best heart in the world and is a MASTER of the puppy-dog eye.

He sleeps in our bed and likes to have both a pillow and a blanket when napping on the couch. He lets little dogs and little kids pull his ears. He lets me paint his toenails. He is smart enough to know the difference between breakfast and dinner AND when someone he loves is at the stop sign a block away. He protects us from the thai food delivery guy, but will give him kisses when he realizes that he isn't coming to snatch us. When we get home from work he wags his tail so hard that his entire bottom shakes in circles. He loves us.

Gus is a mystery mix, but he has a pit-face and people often cross the street to avoid him when we are out. Sometimes people won't let their dogs play with Gus at the park. It makes me so sad that people have such negative stereotypes of these dogs, and especially that there are places like Denver that have made keeping a pit illegal.

This is a video I found on peaceloveandpitbulls.org Check out that sweet boy and tell me how you could be scared of such a silly pup.

Buster, you are awesome, Gus says "Hi!"

For more information about breed specific legislation please visit understand-a-bull.com
or peaceloveandpitbulls.org

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