I am a plant killer.
My first victim was a cactus, it wasn't even my own.
Turns out that water does not always equal love in the plant world.

I have killed more orchids than I can count.
(I still have a dead one in our bathroom come to think of it).

I even almost killed a giant fig tree.. and those actually NEED lots of watering.

But for Christmas, I received a really cool planter full of succulents. Succulents store water, so I know not to drown them with tlc. I have managed to keep them  healthy for almost 7 months now, so I think I am doing pretty well. (fingers crossed) I am feeling SO good about my new plant skills, that I bought a few more.. and have big plans of a giant succulent garden on my roof. 

Maybe if I keep these suckers alive I will be allowed to water the 'inside plants' again someday.

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