Why cant people be more helpful?
why are people so mean???
why am I so whiney today!?

Up until 2 years ago I was a freelancer. Then I got the job at the company which shall no longer be named and I began my first full-time big girl job that paid me on holidays and vacations and paid for my teeth to be cleaned (sort of)

freelancers do not get a fancy 401k. we save from time to time and hope for the best. (who is worried about retirement at 20 anyway?)

at the company who shall no longer be mentioned I did receive some funding towards retirement.. I got my post employment benefits package in the mail before i even arrived in California.. I was done with work on a friday and arrived Monday night! If I had seen such quick results while I was there I might still be employed in New York! ugh.

the packet includes both my health and life insurance information (no i do not wish to pay 1 million dollars a month to continue to get the worst health insurance ever) as well as the info on what I would like to do with my money.




Also included in this package was the business card of a nice woman who I have met several times who handles this type of thing for the company. When one gets contact information enclosed in a tricky package of information that one has questions about... what do you suppose one should use that information for? Perhaps use it to contact the contact and ask those questions?

apparently not.

I wrote a very nice and personalized message to this woman who i KNOW asking her 3 basic questions.

this is how she responded...

"Becky, I can not advise."

 - - - -

why the heck would she include her contact information if she wont even speak to me?

she's an advisor for goodness sake.

good riddance company who shall no longer be named.

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