Margarita Cupcakes

After the success of the beer cupcakes I decided that I was really inspired and wanted to combine my two favorite things, cocktails, and cupcakes!

and Margarita cupcakes were born.

I cheated this time, and used a gluten free Betty crocker yellow cake mix.

(I LOVE betty crocker's mixes, they make my life so quick, easy, and delicious.)

This mix calls for water, so I replaced that (plus about 1/2 c extra) with Margarita Mix. I baked it as called for on the box, no extra time was necessary even with the extra liquid.

The result was a light, lime flavored cake. pretty tasty.
I made a butter cream frosting and replaced the milk with lime juice, and enough yellow and green food coloring to get a nice lime green color. I garnished with colored sugar and lime zest.

this cupcake was a little bit too sweet. With a plainer vanilla frosting, or even a cream cheese frosting, it would have been perfect.

I didn't throw any tequila in because I don't keep it in my apartment (that would be BAD news) But next time I might get a tiny airplane size Jose' to mix in. A real margarita would sure making baking them a lot more fun.

my next cupcakes will be rum punch flavored, with fruit in them.. I just need to figure out the logistics. Who doesn't love boozey cupcakes!? no one, thats who.

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