Gluten-free garlic and parmesan Pita Chips

I am still on the health kick (pat-on-the-back) but two of my staples are hummus and guacamole. I usually eat them on corn chips, but always feel guilty about it because they are so salty and not that great for you. yummy, yes, healthy, not so much.

My mom used to make garlic pita chips out of flour tortillas when I was younger, and they were AWESOME, so I did a gluten free version.

This is the easiest recipe ever.

I used corn-tortillas, usually these are smaller and thicker than flour tortillas, the taste is a bit different than flour but I bet you have eaten one at some point and not known the difference, soft tacos are usually made with corn tortillas.

I sliced about 10 tortillas into chip sized slices, about 6 chips per tortilla.

Then, I minced and mashed up 2 garlic cloves until they were almost paste-like Lay all of the chips out flat and NOT overlapping on a cookie sheet or baking dish and spray them with non stick cooking spray, then sprinkle parmesan cheese (or i my case, dump it on - I really love cheese) and then add a bit of the garlic mash to each chip (sprinkling garlic salt would work just as well)

preheat your oven to 450 and bake them for about 10 minutes (If you keep them in longer than that that keep a close eye on them , they will get crispier but will burn VERY easily)


I love them!! Now I want to try out other seasonings instead of the garlic, any suggestions?

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