Freezer boots

tonight I am going home to do an experiment that might end in disaster.

I bought these very very cute black leather riding boots on ebay last week. I saved around $200 off the original price by getting them on ebay, and I was SO excited and proud of my thriftiness! Everyone knows that young people in NYC are too poor to afford expensive shoes, or food, so I was pretty excited to find the black boots, ensuring warm feet this fall.

They arrived today!!
I was so excited that I took them right home to try on in my apartment (in the middle of the work day) (okay I also had to go home anyway to take my medicine, but the boots were the exciting part)

They are beautiful!

They don't fit.

as in, my little calves are TOO FAT.


The foot part is a little tight also, but the real problem is that I am pretty sure my jeans are not going into those boots at the same time as my legs. argh.

So I researched some techniques about stretching leather.
and tonight I am going to attempt technique number one.

I am going to fill a garbage bag with water, stick it in my boot, and put the whole thing in the freezer overnight, one boot at a time since 2 won't fit.
The idea is that the water in the garbage bag will expand and that the boot will as well. I am not 100% (50%) sure that this is going to work, but it's worth a shot.

technique 2 involves spraying rubbing alcohol on them, but that's just not as funny.

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